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Geenie AI was developed by Amazon sellers. It's clear to us that data security is extremely critical to our customers. Your personal data is secured and will never be shared or sold by us.

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The tool that you have built is something that changes the game. As a start, it seems really something on a level I haven't encountered yet. I have been searching for such a tool for a very long time, and I have even tried to develop something like this in the past

CEO 8 figures company,US 🇺🇸

I just want to say that the product from Geenie Reviews is simply exceptional. I have tried it thoroughly and it is excellent, and I think it can be used by many sellers. They keep improving the product all the time and each time I am amazed again

6 figures seller,Israel 🇮🇱

״Your tool is amazing. It provides a large amount of high-quality insights about our products quickly, and in fact, we use it to differentiate our product from competitors and identify new target audiences״

8 figures aggregator,US 🇺🇸